Ida Momennejad [Iran]

Ida Momennejad is currently a postdoctoral fellow in neuroscience at Princeton University. She received her PhD in psychology from Humboldt University’s Berlin school of mind and brain – following her graduate degree in philosophy of science at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. In her research she combines pattern classification and functional neuroimaging methods to study how the human brain enables us to think about, imagine, and plan actions in the distant future. Beside her academic work, Ida has been collaborating with a number of artists and the Association of Neuroes- thetics (AoN) over the years. Her collaborations with artists span from political films to art-science projects with visual artists and choreographers that bring neuroscience and art together to generate knowledge through experience. These collaborations as well as talks and workshops on related art-science topics have been displayed and presented at the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice, Deutsche Guggenheim, Lauba in Zagreb, Parson’s the new school for design in New York city, San Francisco, Institute fuer Raumexperimente in Berlin, Radial system V in Berlin, as well as TADAEX 02.