Amir Bastan

Artwork: Little Hermann’s Phobic Dreaming
Materials-Software: vvvv

About Artwork:

“Little Hermann’s phobic Dreaming” is a real-time point cloud installation. The cloud represents a part of the sea, where the lowest point reveals the calmest wave and the highest point denotes the most turbulent wave.
Wouldn’t it have been better if I had been dreaming? What if little scared Hermann was dreaming? What if little scared Hermann would come to the shore with me and think about nothing, would just watch the waves dance higher and higher and then collapse again? Would I then be able to stand on the shore with him and throw stones in the sea like people do, smoking cigarettes, not even tracking the trail of the stone? Drowning, unimportant now, like “Little Hermann”, who is now screaming with no fear in the waves, rising higher and higher without falling. It rises in the waves. With no fear.

About Artist(s):

Amir Bastan is a new media artist, born in 1991 in Tehran. He completed his education in Painting and has since been creating new media and video art. His work aims to reveal the most confusing dreams and imaginations that remain floating in the world of consciousness by illuminating corners of the unconscious.