Denial of Service

Artwork: Contour & Shape
Materials-Software: MS Kinect v1, Brekel, 3DSMax, Trapcode Form, Ruby

About Artwork:

This audiovisual installation challenges the audience by transcending the boundaries of perception through using a recent trend in digital art known as Glitch Art. Glitch is a malfunction in hardware or programming that interrupts representation. Using stark black and white images of a human figure, Denial of Service, appropriates what is normally seen as an error and transforms it into a powerful element of representation, in combination with an original sound track also sequenced by the artist. The sound track is reminiscent of electro-industrial music and in union with the hauntingly powerful visuals carry the audience into a complex world of rapidly fluctuating senses. This installation, entirely developed on a MS Kinect, unnerves, moves and leaves the audience simultaneously questioning and admiring the complex programming that the artist has mastered.

About Artist(s):

Harry Martis also known as Denial of Service is a London-based engineer and digital artist. He has been dubbed as the master of data moshing and has been redefining the capabilities of digital art in his works.