Elena Artemenkof

Artwork: It Is Coming
Materials-Software: Max MSP

About Artwork:

In cinematography suspense is created through employment of certain methods. But what if these methods are violated? What if anticipation is never met with confrontation? What if “it” never arrives? “It is coming” is an infinite self-developing video installation, real- time assembled by a computer program. The program randomly chooses replicas from actors in famous horror films and rearranges them in a continuous, self- generating loop. The scenes assembled, contain well-recognized phrases spoken in anticipation of the arrival of “it”, but “it” never arrives. The imminent embodied horror felt in the absence of “it” coupled with the audience’s need for an answer form the basis of tension in this work.

About Artist(s):

Elena Artemenko is a Moscow-based new media artist. Born in 1988, she attended the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia in her homeland, Russia. She has been nominated for the Kandinsky Prize for three consecutive years and her work has previously been exhibited in Russia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Iran, United Kingdom and France. Her medium of choice is video art, generative art and installation.