Hamid Shavarean

Artwork: International Destinations
Materials-Software: Web based Java Script, API

About Artwork:

The glorious days of Iran Air linger like a faint memory in the minds of those who recall them; unheeded, tumbled and broken. The late sanctions have interrupted the flow of equipment, fuel and spare parts to the airline, causing it to terminate some of its flights. “International Destinations” is a real-time data visualization installation, tracking Iran Air’s current international destinations.
The first ever airline operating in the Middle East, has now drifted away from its celebrated history and has become a second rate airline in the region. “International Destinations” is a reminder of what has vanished and what still remains of this once celebrated establishment and cultural icon. This installation was created using API and information gathered on Google maps. It adopts the visual identity of Iran Air by implementing the principles of corporate identity design in its visual presence. “International Destinations”, illustrates the use of data visualization techniques for better communicating data to the audience.

About Artist(s):

Hamid Shavarean was born in 1992 in Tehran. He completed his education in Graphic Design and has worked on numerous artistic and cultural projects in the field of digital media. As a designer his work explores the possibilities of graphic design for mapping everyday cultural and social phenomena.