Artwork: Drones over Berlin
Materials-Software: Max MSP

About Artwork:

This installation ruminates on the acoustic structures of the city. It contemplates whether the acoustic portrait of the city consists of a singular sound or if it has been shaped through the layering of many sounds. “Drones over Berlin”, traces the movement of drones flying over the city of Berlin and by zooming in on the sonic structure of places, it focuses on particular sounds. In a similar fashion to Google maps, it gives the audience the ability to survey a wider perspective on things-sounds- or a focused inspection through zooming in. The drones signify the audience’s ears, which can get closer or drift further away from places in the city: the careful act of listening becomes a channel through which the process of creating the city’s acoustic image can be assessed and one’s perception of it can be examined. “Drones Over Berlin”, a multichannel sound installation, questions whether the singular soundscape of a city can be heard differently if the position of listening to it changes and depicts the flying drones in an act of filming and scanning the city. As a result, the audience is offered a combination of constantly deep soundscape of bass sounds and synthetic technical sounds that emerge from inside of the drones moving, filming and listening.

About Artist(s):

Abel, Carlo and Max Korinsky co- create under the name, Korinsky. Abel and Carlo were born in 1985 and studied music, german language and literature. They finished their graduate studies in sound studies at Udk Berlin. Max Korinsky, born in 1984, studied painting as well as german language, literature and history. Korinsky has received a number of awards and previously exhibited locally in Berlin, Germany as well as internationally in the U.A.E, Canada, Australia, Austria and Italy.