Mani Nilchiani

Artwork: Overlaps
Materials-Software: Web based Java Script

About Artwork:

“Overlaps” is a site-specific interactive audiovisual installation. It examines the relationship between the audience and their interaction by augmenting their presence through auditory and visual representation. Here, each member of the audience becomes an embodied instrument, capable of producing a wide range of sounds. As members of the audience move, audio and visual response, relative to this movement is created. The audience is invited to explore and re-define their relationship with others while co-creating a generative spatial audiovisual system.

About Artist(s):

Born in 1986 in Tehran, Mani Nilchiani is a New York based digital artist, lecturer and designer. After completing his degree in print media at Tehran University, he travelled to the States and pursued a MFA in Technology and Design at Parsons the New School for Design. His works have been widely exhibited in Europe, America and Asia.