Artwork: Omnis
Materials-Software: TouchDesigner, Leep Motion

About Artwork:

“Omnis” is an interactive experience that accompanies the live audio-visual performance, also titled “Omnis”. It embodies the concept of ubiquity, which entails being everywhere at the same time. In today’s world, where information can be transferred at any time and to anywhere, human being’s perception of space has dramatically changed. This installation invites the audience to explore their sense of space and time by implementing a LEAP motion (InfraRed Sensor). The audience generates sounds and visuals by moving their hands into a 3D space through an evolving environment made of several chapters. The highly sensitive and complex technology of InfraRed, enables an accurate interaction by detecting the position and rotation of each finger moved. As a result, geometric elements and textures will be modified according to each movement, making “Omnis” an audio- visual instrument capable of producing various creative compositions.

About Artist(s):

Mathieu Le Sourd, known as Maotik, is a Montreal-based digital artist with a focus on generative design and visuals. He has collaborated with sound artists and scientists alike and his works have been presented in festivals around the world such as Live Cinema in Rio, the Plums festival in Moscow, Visiones in Lima and the London’s BFI Digital Québec.