Rosi Grillmair

Artwork: The Art Retriever
Materials-Software: Processing

About Artwork:

More often than not, paintings by some of the world’s most famous artists are auctioned at remarkably high prices. Is a Picasso painting truly worth more than 100 million dollars? Post auction, these works leave the public eye and are stored in high-security warehouses. They remain hidden there until their next auction and a part of human beings’ cultural heritage goes into hiding with them. Hoping to prevent this, the «Art Retriever» visualizes one hundred paintings by the world’s 100 most successful artists, whose paintings have yielded the highest bids. In doing so, it gathers information and is updated daily through several online databases. The more information it can gather about the current owner of a painting and the price it was sold at, the more visible the painting will appear in its digital picture frame. This installation as an observant of the art world and its politics, also includes a full career analysis of the artists featured.

About Artist(s):

Rosi Grillmair is a digital artist and cultural worker. Born in 1991 in Linz, Austria, she finished her degree in time-based and interactive media in her hometown. She has successfully exhibited her work at AEC and Kunstuniversität Linz and shown the “Art Retriever” at ARS Electronica, Linz as part of the ARS Electronica Festival and TIME OUT 0.2.