Soheil Soheili

Artwork: Language of the Landscape
Materials-Software: vvvv

About Artwork:

The city speaks in a multitude of voices, noises and sounds. There is no one language in the city: voices of pedestrians speaking in different languages blend into the sound of cars screeching on the highway, everything vibrates here indefinitely. An audio-visual installation, “Language of the Landscape” recreates the experience of being in the city through sounds recorded on two sets of stereos, one documenting the voices of pedestrians and another capturing the ambient traffic noise alongside a panoramic photo that is simultaneously projected on the gallery wall. The sounds are then processed to create a DTS 5.1 surround effect. The visitors can interact with the image using a joystick that allows them to change their point of view and zoom in on the panoramic photo. When interacting with the panorama, sounds morph, with a pan or loudness effect that reinforces the notion of being present in the city. This installation opens up the discussion for architects and industry owners to reassess the issue of noise pollution and its management in the city.

About Artist(s):

Soheil Soheili was born in 1983 in Tehran. He completed his education in English Literature and has since been working as a cross-disciplinary artist.