Soroush Gharebaghi | Mohammad Esmaeil Emadi

Artwork: Untitled
Materials-Software: Open C, Processing

About Artwork:

Inspired by an image from Auschwitz, the artists turn their attention to the swarm of information, images and news that surround us in today’s world. In this generative art installation, the audience is thrown into an ocean of images. Everything is quick and reminds us that by increasing the amount of information we possess, we do not simply increase our perception of the world. When faced with the vast pool of information about an incident, all we can do is to watch and listen. The mind, incapable of processing such huge amounts of data, has no opportunity to understand it. The line between reality and imagination fades; everything becomes surreal and flows away.

About Artist(s):

Soroush Gharebaghi is a Tehran-based computer engineer and developer. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Tehran University and has won several awards in various contests and Olympiads.

Mohammad Esmaeil Emadi is a Tehran-based visual artist. He completed his degree in Painting and has participated in a number of group exhibitions including TADAEX2014.