Tuen Verkerk | Joris Hoogeboom

Artwork: Buqs: Ubiquitous Electronic Life Forms

About Artwork:

“Buqs” are autonomous electronic life forms that explore the materiality of the city by reinterpreting the experience of the cityscape. They occupy surfaces and use them to create sounds, thereby aiming to shift the primarily visual nature of experience in the city to an auditory one. These creatures use popular embedded technologies including microcontrollers and sensor radios to communicate with each other. They can mimic one another, creating patterns of sound that can be perceived as an emerging sound pattern in the cityscape. They are playful reminders of the widespread use of invisible technologies in urban environments. “Buqs” inspire artists and designers to use autonomous interactive objects in order to redefine urban environments.

About Artist(s):

Tuen Verkerk is a digital artist and one of the creators of Buqs. Educated in both interaction design and architecture, he combines techniques from different fields and reapplies them for different purposes in the physical world.

Joris Hoogeboom is a digital artist and educator. He has engaged in a number of intellectual and creative endeavors to cultivate his interest in investigating the hybridization of the physical and the virtual.