Goethe Institut and the Digital World

One of the main goals of the activities of the Goethe- Institut is to foster creativity and dialogue between enthusiasts in all fields of art. In particular the Goethe-Institut is committed to promote innovative ways to communicate through art. The digital world offers a vast range of new means to express one self and guarantees the accessibility of such kind of artwork around the globe.
In this regard, exhibitions and festivals for digital art were launched in nearly each country of the world. In Iran, one could become familiar with the latest achievements in the field of digital art by attending or learning about the Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition. Presentations, workshops, lectures, multimedia performances and much more will help participants and the public enjoy the results of creativity and it will convey the great potential that the digital art has to offer.
In Germany a similar event, the biannual festival NODE – Forum for Digital Arts, takes place in Frankfurt. The festival has been gathering creative coders, digital artists and creative individuals of the digital media scene routinely since 2008 in spring time. In order to make things more sustainable both festivals, Node and TADAEX, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut created a special residency program. Based on this program, a German artist is invited to Iran and an Iranian artist is invited to Germany for a residency period of two weeks. The work created is exhibited in the respective festival. The artists are invited to both festivals and are encouraged to collaborate. The goal of the TADAEX/NODE Residency Program is to establish an exchange between the media arts scenes in Iran and Germany, and to connect the communities that have emerged around each festival.