Daniel Kalantari | Mani Mozakka

Performance: Metamorphosis

About Performance:

Inspired by Kafka’s metamorphosis, Daniel Kalantari fashions his own world of transformation through sound. The sound of the trombone, played by Mani Mozakka, is introduced as the only pressing presence in the aural environment. This is soon overtaken by an artificial intelligence machine that copies the sound, mutates it and plays it in indifferently to the sound of the trombone. The struggle between the original sound and the metamorphosed one continues until there is no trace of the original sound. In the end, only the metamorphosed sound prevails. In this performance, Daniel revisits traditional methods of music making and rehashes them with the latest development in electro-acoustic music.

About Performer(s):

Danial Kalantari is an academically trained performer and instructor based in Tehran, Iran. He was born in 1988 and holds a degree in Classic Guitar Performance from Tehran University of Art and has previously performed at Tehran University and Fadak.

Mani Mozakka is a trombone, harp and brass player. He was born in 1988 and is a member of the band Bamrani. He has composed and performed scores for several short films and plays.