About Performance:

Enchanting sounds carry the audience into the revelatory act of observing the world, where affliction of time and destruction of matter are seen as vital to being alive. IDFT reveals the beauty of the grotesque and rejoices the pain inherent in life in order to oppose the discourse on normalcy. In this performance, the duo attempts to stop the ordinary by revealing the power of understanding.

About Performer(s):

Behnoud Mohammadi, formed IDFT as a sound artist and electronic music composer. He completed his degree in information technology and software engineering, and took courses in music composition at Tehran University of Arts. His work comprises music composition, sound recording, sound design, video art, programming and audio visual development.

Niloofar Akbari, the other member of the band, is a visual artist. She completed her degree in visual communication and animation at Tehran University. She strives to conceptualize novel forms and techniques by evolving her own style in illustration, animation and fashion design.