Performance: Omnis

About Performance:

“Omnis” is a live audiovisual performance inspired by the concept of ubiquity, denoting the capacity of being everywhere at the same time. New technologies have affected our perception of space, time and relationships. The contemporary society splits distances and removes time scales to keep only the smallest time frame, the “here and now”. Exploring this, “Omnis” immerses the audience into a sensory-heavy experience, where a series of optical illusions and reverberation of the space, challenge the participant’s sense of depth and time. Using minimal aesthetics and audio reactive behavior, the evolution of the rhythm influences the dimension of the environment.
This installation associates space perception with the notion of time through a myriad of visual variations such as 3D Mesh Morphing, digital textures and superposition effect. It retrieves relevant data live and translates it into visuals in order to get closer to the unreachable moment, “the instant”.

About Performer(s):

Mathieu Le Sourd, known as Maotik, is a Montreal-based digital artist with a focus on generative design and visuals. He has collaborated with sound artists and scientists alike and his works have been presented in festivals around the world such as the Live Cinema in Rio, the Plums festival in Moscow, Visiones in Lima and the London’s BFI Digital Québec.