Performance: Orbits

About Performance:

There is no sound in space. This audiovisual performance transcribes the inaudible paths of satellites passing over the Earth into abstract but familiar sounds and projections. The visualization and sonification of the invisible machines in the sky create a dense and almost tangible atmosphere, symbolizing the constant stream of data and information being passed from Earth to their orbits and the other way around. Where normally no contact is possible – besides humans’ daily, but mostly unconscious use of these artifacts for communication, navigation and many other purposes – the air is now filled with their imaginary hums and noises.

About Performer(s):

Quadrature (DE) is a collective for arts, light and robotics founded in 2012. With their works, they try to challenge the usual perception of machinery and the ubiquitous expectation of its presumed functionality. The emphasis of Quadrature’s works is on the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, of object and code. They have performed and exhibited internationally. The work Satelliten, has received an Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2015.
The three members of Quadrature, Jan Bernstein (DE), Juliane Götz (DE) and Sebastian Neitsch (DE), work and live in Berlin. They all share a love of machines and outer space.