Zahed Sultan


About Performance:

In this performance, Zahed Sultan will conceive and bring to life an interactive audio-visual immersive experience in an attempt to allow the audience to perceive, engage and feel. This performance is an extension of a live series, constructed and performed by Zahed over the past 1.5 years in various places around the world. It borrows from his latest body of work, “eyeamsound” as well as a string of unreleased musical works. Through a dialogue between music, visuals, and light, Zahed hopes to form a harmonious narrative between the audience and himself as the performer.

About Performer(s):

Zahed Sultan is a multimedia artist and social entrepreneur from Kuwait. Through a multi-faceted approach, his social impact organization (en.v) seeks to further the development of individuals and organizations in the fields of education, environment and capacity building. Through interactive social programs and engaging artistic platforms, en.v aspires to play an active role in nurturing a new kind of citizen – one who is alert, aware and conscious of the effects of their decisions on society and the environment as a whole.

Extrapolating on his experiences in social movements and the arts through en.v, Zahed adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to writing and performing music. He has been featured on renowned media platforms as an emerging Arab artist and tours internationally with a live audio-visual experience.