About Workshop:

This workshop covers the basics of programming and will instruct learners on how to use this skill to create visuals and interfaces in the real world. It begins by working on visual output on the screen and will progressively involve more advanced sketches, which are small programs written in Processing. The students will learn about a variety of subjects: color and form, how to interact with objects on the screen, how to simulate physics and how to allow many things to happen at once. Therefore, learners will also understand the basic principles of programming which can later be applied to their programming language of choice such as; Java, JavaScript or Phyton.
It is recommended that learners have a look at a written code prior to the workshop and possess basic knowledge of math in areas such as trigonometry, mapping values and coordinate systems. This workshop will be taught in English.

About Instructors(s):

Rosi Grillmair is a digital artist and cultural worker. Born in 1991 in Linz, Austria, she finished her degree in time-based and interactive media in her hometown. She has successfully exhibited her works at AEC and Kunstuniversität Linz.