Touch Designer

About Workshop:

TouchDesigner is a multi-purpose computer software program designed to simplify the process of creating videography, interactive installations, video installations, sound installations and various other digital projects. The simple layout of this program omits the need for previous knowledge in programming and allows learners to implement a variety of ideas using common knowledge and a basic understanding of visual and auditory mediums. In this workshop, learners will study the basics of Touch Designer and learn how to create basic ideas and prototypes on this program. The language of instruction for this workshop is English and it creates an interesting opportunity to creatively broaden the horizon for those tapping into different disciplines within visual arts, design, engineering and architecture.

About Instructors(s):

Ali Phi is a new media artist, musician and founder of Nullsight studio. He completed his education in civil engineering in 2009 and since has been creating new grounds in Iran’s digital arts scene.