Unreal Engine

About Workshop:

This workshop explains the basics of computer software program Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is a multi-featured and multi-purpose game development 3D engine. This software offers a platform in which interactive and virtual realities can be simply made using minimum coding. This and its compatibility with most 3D softwares have made it into the leading software for creating virtual realities, architectural and industrial modeling, animation and most importantly hundreds of computer games. The object oriented interface of this software is easy to use, requires no previous experience in programming and can be learned by anyone with a basic knowledge of this field. However, this workshop requires some previous knowledge of 3D softwares and will be taught in Persian.

About Instructors(s):

Amir Farzan Mir Mohammadi is a Tehran-based digital designer and graphic artist. Born in 1988, he has been active in the field of modeling, rendering, animation, light design and interactive design since 1996.