Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition, TADAEX, was founded in 2011 with the aim of opening new horizons for Iran’s interdisciplinary and digital art. Its intention has been to create a serious and independent atmosphere for enthusiasts and researchers alike. The non-commercial nature of this art, in addition to the high cost of the equipment, have always made it difficult for the Iranian artists to participate and gain experience in the digital arena. Thus, the potential for exhibiting and presenting artworks in this field could not be properly realized, and therefore, by presenting works by international artists and creating a platform for engaging with and exchanging of their knowledge, TADAEX has endeavored to pave the way for Iranian digital artists to develop and nurture their art.
Now in its 6th year, while trying to upgrade the quality of the exhibited works of Iranian artists, TADAEX will focus on the requirements and abilities of the artists in the region, in order to further develop the professional and specialized aspects on the one hand, and prepare a context for a dialogue among all the artists and their audience on the other. Much like the previous festivals, educational workshops, expert lectures, and multimedia performances will be presented, in order to provide the opportunity of making connections to related festivals, communities, and international institutions in a professional environment, so that artists might gain experience and exchange their knowledge.


Our hope is that, through an interaction with similar foreign festivals, this year’s festival is planned and organized even better than the previous years, both in its content and in the way it is executed, so that new opportunities might be offered to international and Iranian audience and the digital art and culture in the Iranian and the regional scene would be enhanced.