Amir Bastan

Bridged Particles

Hey! Do you think I’m suspended? Are these my body’s particles? Articles? Conjunctions? Objects? Objections?

No! I am the sum of a fractured whole of holes of your body partitions, the sum of your summaries which is torn on other articulations or objectionable particles that are neither mine, nor yours. You, who are rotating, are not rotating through the cities, streets, and neighborhoods: badly-known, well-known, unknown. 
You are lost, but what you have lost isn’t there! There is! There was! Wasn’t? Has gone! 
The rotation/rotating world has lost—enough to lose its ability to get lost.
Me? My hands are on my heart, on my chest, on my dreams; look at yourself, your dreams: my hands.
Are you afraid? You must be!
These are not your body’s particles.

The Bridged Particles is a data visualization. The data was recorded by sensors that were attached to the artist’s body during his sleep. The process were repeated for three nights. This piece is telling the story of one of those nights.


born 1991, Iran.

As a new media-artist with a background in fine arts, he tries to make connection between consciousness and subconsciousness.

His works are in real-time data visualization, generative design, and real-time processing categories.